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GoodMerge XMDBs (2006/11/23)

  1. GoodGBA: Updated to version 3.12
  2. Renamed ~TOSEC~ to ~Other~ to make it more clear that this dat should be used for anything that's not listed by name in GoodMerge.

GoodMerge XMDBs (2006/09/21)

  1. GoodN64: Updated to version 3.11

GoodMerge XMDBs (2006/07/24)

  1. GoodNES: Updated to version 3.10

GoodMerge Source/Binary 3.1 (2199.25374)

  1. Added the icon for the Portuguese translation.
  2. Added the icon for the Turkish translation.
  3. Updated the about page.

GoodMerge XMDBs (2006/01/07)

  1. GoodGen: Updated to version 3.00

GoodMerge XMDBs (2004/12/30)

  1. GoodGen: Merged "Alex Kidd - Cheongongmaseong" and "Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle"
  2. GoodGen: Added the .gen extension

GoodMerge Source/Binary 3.1 (1821.32159)

  1. Fixed the about page.

GoodMerge XMDBs (2004/12/26)

  1. Minor update to GoodGen 2.05

GoodMerge Source/Binary 3.1 (1820.36394)

  1. Added the icon for the Spanish translation.

GoodMerge XMDBs (2004/12/25)

  1. Updated to GoodGen 2.05

GoodMerge Source/Binary 3.1 (1779.33043)

  1. Added the icon for the German translation.
  2. Changed from GPL to BSD licensing.
  3. Changed the about screen to make a note of the BSD license.

GoodMerge XMDBs (2004/11/15)

  1. Updated to Good7800 2.04

GoodMerge Source/Binary 3.1 (1772.1162)

  1. Added French and Simplified Chinese flags.
  2. Fixed wrong page being selected on certain errors.
  3. Added some translation texts.
  4. Opened the source and changed the website link to point to SourceForge.

GoodMerge XMDBs (2004/11/07)

  1. Updated to GoodSNES 2.04
  2. Changed all comment text to reflect recent website and IRC moves.
  3. Added a generic "TOSEC" database. This option will merge any TOSEC set by grouping files without regard to flags. It does not have any of the advanced name recognition that the other databases feature.

GoodXMDBs (2004/07/23)

  1. Fixed GBx. Removed extraneous backslashes from deferred biased parent names.

GoodMerge Engine 3.1 (1658.235)

  1. Fixed compression settings not loading correctly.
  2. Fixed Windows 98 crash on start under certain circumstances.
  3. Fixed total system RAM detection so that it works on all 32-bit Windows operating systems. No more relying on WMI.
  4. Settings for 'File Locations' are now saved individually for each set. This required changes to the Settings.xml file, so be sure to extract the new one (which will reset your current settings).
  5. All settings are now saved on exit instead of waiting until "Merge Now" has been clicked.
  6. Added more timestamps and timing information to the log.
  7. Updated the about page to reflect the new website. (Thanks for providing hosting, kiczek!)

GoodMerge Engine 3.0 (1645.4623)

  1. Fixed caret position when restoring a "minimal" sized window.
  2. Fixed log window size not being saved.

GoodMerge Engine 3.0 (1644.33978)

  1. Fixed possible inconsistent text size of checkboxes on the advanced page that shows up with certain XP Visual Themes.
  2. Fixed some window sizing issues.
  3. Added version and timing info to the log.
  4. Fixed occassional bug where the cancel dialog would not accept "No."
  5. Added Traditional Chinese flag (Taiwan).

GoodMerge Engine 3.0 (1640.2265)

  1. Completely redesigned the GUI from the ground up. The new interface should make things a whole lot clearer.
  2. Added language support to the interface. Big thanks go to those who provided native language translations: xphaze, CANI.
  3. Completely redesigned the database format from the ground up. GMDBs are no longer supported, in favor of the new XML / Regular Expression based XMDBs.
  4. Redesigned the bias system. Biasing is no longer done on a "Pick One" basis (which was never really ideal anyway). Instead, you prioritize all the available zones and when a game with multiple names is encountered, the name with the highest priority zone is used for the archive name.
  5. Added settings saving. Your settings are now automatically saved between each session. Note that most are not actually saved until you click "Merge Now." This means that you can play around with everything and be sure that you can get your old settings back simply by closing the window.
  6. Added a place to configure the locations of decompressors from the GUI.
  7. Made the windows remember their last positions/sizes.

GoodMerge Engine 2.0 (1612.13972)

Bugs fixed:

  1. Input type of 'none' did not work.
  2. Occasional crash due to bad timer parsing.
  3. Information window did not hide when exiting merge results window.
  4. Timer was stopping immediately after pausing, instead of after archive completes.
  5. Clicking the 'X' button closed the window, but did not stop the operation.
  6. '?' button did not respond to some elements that it should have.
  7. Projected size and archive stats were blanking when operation completed.
  8. Information window did not hide when closing merge results window via 'X' button.
  9. Reduced the amount of threads being used.
  10. '?' button did not respond to disabled elements.
  11. State of 'Output' checkbox was not saved.
  12. State of 'Background Priority' checkbox was not saved.
  13. Special cases in GBA, NES, NGPX, PCE, SNES, and SPC were being ignored, causing too many files to be output.
  14. Crash when run from network drive under certain circumstances.
  15. Output windows were not always selected at the right times causing the log window to pause in the middle.
  16. Occasional crash when 'Pause' button clicked.
  17. Crash on save if file could not be accessed.

Features changed:

  1. Replaced 'Priority' listbox with 'Background Priority' checkbox.
  2. Some misspellings were fixed.
  3. Default file name when looking for have files is now "*have.txt".
  4. Default names when saving logs are more descriptive.
  5. Button for saving output windows is more descriptive.
  6. Information window tracks with the main window.
  7. Tooltip for full directory path extended to include label.
  8. Swapped the positions of the percent indicators with the archives/projected size indicators.
  9. Changed the tiny 'Minimized State' ('-'/'+') button into an 'Output' check box.
  10. Rearranged status bar elements.
  11. Changed to the twenty-first century terminology of folders instead of directories.
  12. 'Dictionary' element changed to 'Dictionaries' and shows both max and ultra sizes.
  13. All context help updated to match these changes.
  14. Made output of 'Save Files' more friendly.
  15. Hid the 'Files Output' tab while it's empty.
  16. Removed support for "ace.exe" as it is crash happy. Ace32.exe is now required.

Features added:

  1. Build number in about box.
  2. Added projected file size.
  3. Added number of archives processed.
  4. Auto-select 'Bias' when there is only one.
  5. Added the current merge operation name to the title bar of the output window.
  6. Added 'Show Arguments'
  7. Browse dialogs for folders are now actual FolderBrowserDialogs (requires .NET 1.1). Big thanks to kiczek for help on this one.
  8. XP Visual Styles enabled.
  9. 'Background Priority' toggle on output window.
  10. Added an icon.
  11. Added 'Delete Files' option.
  12. Added command line support (somewhat different from version 1.71).
  13. 'Reset to Default' context menu on 'Max RAM'.
  14. 'Reset to Default' context menu on folders.
  15. Added CLI Help by CTRL-Clicking the Help button.

GoodMerge Engine 1.71 (1561.11489)

  • 1.71 really distinguished between “program directory” and “working directory” this time.
  • 1.7 fixed the outstanding issues with resume. More comprehensive file checking (errors immediately when something is wrong instead of waiting until the end). Distinguished between “program directory” and “working directory.”
  • 1.6 added automatic multi-threading support for 7-zip and switched to the new pluggable gmdb files. GoodMerge now reads all gmdb files until it finds the set you've specified. This will make adding new sets trivial.
  • 1.5.1 fixed zip support (bad “if” logic when ACE was added).
  • 1.5 added ACE archive support, cleaned up a few error messages, and fixed a bug when WMI cannot be accessed or m= is specified.
  • 1.4 added the p= and w= options, cleaned up the output display, added automatic resuming of interrupted operations.
  • 1.3 works correctly if the source input has already been processed with GoodMerge, even if merged with a different bias. This means you can easily convert from one bias to another. The code was also cleaned up, giving a speed gain that really doesn't matter because the compression is always the bottleneck here. A couple of errors are now only thrown when they are actually relevant.
  • 1.2 was renamed (obviously) and added support for output and input using any of zip, 7z, RAR, and uncompressed formats. This makes it a general purpose grouping tool rather than a 7-zip specific tool.
  • 1.1 added support for .zip files in the input directory as well as some minor changes to help optimize the .cfg file.