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Microsoft .NET Framework

The program will only run under MS Windows with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed (check Windows Update or see the links page if you do not have this). Please don't whine about your inability to install it. I am not Microsoft and will not provide technical support for them. The program has been successfully run on Windows 98 and XP, English and non-English, without having to jump through any hoops; I know it can be done.

Also, due to some security features of the C# language, GoodMerge cannot be run from a network drive.


To work with .zip or .7z files, GoodMerge requires that 7-zip be installed on your system. Similarly, if you wish to use RAR compression, you will also need WinRAR installed. GoodMerge will automatically detect 7-Zip and WinRAR when they are installed to their default locations. However, for ACE compression, you will need to get “ace32.exe” from the Commandline ACE. Having WinACE installed is not sufficient.

ROM Images

Your ROM images may be stored either all uncompressed or all compressed in the same format. If they are compressed, be sure that the filename inside the archive matches the archive name. If the internal file does not have the correct name, GoodMerge will not be able to find it.