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The Statistics Table

If you've merged a set with a different amount of RAM than is listed in the table and would like your statistics included, just send me your log that has “Show Arguments” on. Make sure that you have met the pre-requisites for those sets that require them. Only stats using more than 128M RAM will be included.

Parent/Clone Information

If you discover any parent/clone relationships that aren't recognized, or you think that certain ROM images should not be grouped together, please send information to me including the names, regions, and reasons.


If you'd like to translate the interface into another language, feel free to download the text and take a shot at it. You'll need a text editor that can handle UTF-8 or Unicode. Just replace the text inside each t="" segment with the appropriate translated text, then send the completed file back to me and I'll integrate it into the program.

Contact Information


IRC: q^-o|o-^p in #GoodMerge or #rareroms on UnitedUsers IRC.